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Safes, Vaults, & Security Products in Canada

Adanac Security offers a wide variety of Safes, Vaults and Security products for commercial and residential needs. We offer New and Refurbished security products on-site in our warehouse at unbeatable prices!

NEW - Ask us about our Custom Built Vault Doors for Controlled Substances security or a Panic / Safe Room.

Our products include:
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Adanac Security, manufacturing sector includes custom manufacturing a variety of security products, such as: Safes, Gun Lockers, Safety Deposit Boxes, Bullet Resistant Products, Drop Safes Security Bars, and more.

We also feature custom security equipment designs for banks, commercial and residential requirements.

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Are you looking for quality security service? We offer qualified professional security services and solutions for commercial, financial and residential clients.

Our services include: Safe Maintenance, Safe Moving, Lock Smithing, as well service and maintenance contracts for financial institutions across Canada.

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Semi Annual Safe Sale



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